Acodo White 2010 is a lively, fragrant wine with a mix of pear, golden apple and citrus scents and flavors. The palate is succulent and smooth with nuanced oak tones, ample body and a lingering finish. Acodo is made with grapes from vineyards planted with massally selected vines predating modern clones, which contributes to its character and complexity.

What does the name “Acodo” mean?
The wine “Acodo” is named after a traditional technique used in old vine vineyards, called acodadura. Rather than abandoning a weak or damaged old vine or planting a new replacement vine in the middle of an old vine vineyard, the acodadura technique is employed. It entails uprooting the failing vine. And then one branch of an immediately adjacent old vine is run to the ground, and looped over to the location of the uprooted vine—as illustrated by the second “o” in “Acodo” on the label. With this technique, the looped branch will take root and become a grape producing vine. Importantly, this allows an old vineyard to keep producing grapes of similar old vine character and from dwindling down in productivity over the years from loss of vines. [More on Basilio Izquierdo]

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Technical Information

Press Ratings:

Region: La Rioja

Appellation: Rioja DOCa

Blend: 80% Viura, 20% Garnacha Blanca

Aging Level: -

Style: -

Color: White

Sparkle: Still

Sweetness: Dry

Fortification: Unfortified

Elaboration Details:
After alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel, the wine is aged on lees in tank mainly, but during the summer months is racked to 225L French oak barrels (previously used for "B de Basilio" white) and the wines ages there on lees for the three summer months. Bottled May 2012.

SWE Portfolio: Boutique Wine

Suggested Retail Price (SRP): $30