Spanish Wine Exclusives

Spanish Wine Exclusives

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La Rioja

Bodegas Valdeviñas makes it’s exceptionally late releasing and deeply expressive Mirat wines from high altitude, old vine vineyards in the eastern part of the Ribera del Duero appellation. It is the classic fine wine story of a distinguished and successful businessman sparing no expense to create extraordinary wines under his name. From the old vine terroir to top class vineyard management and winemaking to high class corks and a modern winery, the goal has always been toward quality at the highest level.
But what makes Mirat wines stand out even further is their late release, 15 to 20 years after the vintage, much like the storied wines of Vega Sicilia that served as a model in the creation of these cuvées at the winery’s founding in 1999. Rather than pushing the wines to market in all their brawny youth for commercial purposes, the goal instead has been to offer silky, complex wines whose oak tones and rough edges have integrated and smoothed after years in the cellar—yet still show the rich depth of fruit and structure of great Ribera del Duero wines.
The vineyards are in the 850 meter above sea level range and situated around the town of Langa de Duero, in the eastern most province of the appellation, Soria, bounding the province of Burgos to the west. The vines themselves are 100% Tempranillo with a significant portion more than 80 years old. The soils are river stone, limestone and sand in composition, varying by parcel.
The climate is continental with wide splits between day and nighttime temperatures, with the river stones providing radiant heat from the daytime at night. The area has a longer growing season than the more western parts of the appellation adding to the complexity and character of the wines. Mirat’s terroir yields Ribera del Duero wines of great intensity and complexity in both aromatics and flavor. And the long cellar aging coaxes out to the fore the best expressions of its terroir in your glass now, in flavor, depth and elegance.