Spanish Wine Exclusives

Spanish Wine Exclusives

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La Rioja

Los Autores

Los Autores (The Authors in English) was created by Spanish Wine Exclusives and is very unusual in the world of wine. Rather than a single Rioja wine made vintage after vintage, Los Autores is a series of limited run, special bottlings created by Rioja master winemakers, Los Autores. These numbered editions typically come in the form of a small, special cuvée developed by the winemaker, the author, that does not fit into the winery’s larger commercial plans.

We seek out these worthy, special cuvées and bring them to you as the latest editions of this evolving series. The character of these cuvées can vary from the more exploratory, to something outside from the winery’s typical style to something more in line with the winemaker’s personal interest and taste. The result is an exciting series, with each edition embodying a different thematic focus we hope contributes in its small way to the deeper understanding and appreciation of the wines of Rioja and its history—and by extension, the fascinating and fine art of winemaking.
Editions No.1, No.2 and No.3 were made by Rioja winemaking legend Ezequiel García, longtime former winemaker at both CVNE and Olarra, who created these wines in a very traditional style going back to the early days of classic Rioja and his formative years in the 1940s and 1950s. The use of a special selection of grapes for these cuvées, including small amounts of the white grape Viura, long aging in old wooden barrels with racking plus time in large, old wooden tanks prior to bottling, complete the creation of these silky evocations of Rioja’s elegant past. Ezequiel’s renown grew due to his deep knowledge of Rioja tradition, and his revered and almost magical blending and barrel aging skills. Those skills led to him eventually being known as “El Brujo de Rioja” or The Wizard of Rioja.
Our most recent editions, No. 4 and No. 5, revive the mostly lost white Rioja Grand Reserva bottling and in particular the “Cabeza de Cuba” style. Back in Rioja’s glory days many great houses made extraordinary whites. Like those historic whites, this is the highest level white of the house and a blend. The primary grapes are Viura and Tempranillo Blanco, blended with smaller amounts of grapes like Malvasia, Garnacha Blanca, Maturana Blanca or Chardonnay, depending on the vintage. Cabeza de Cuba, means roughly the same as Tête de Cuvée, the head blend of the house, it’s top cuvée. To help create this Cabeza de Cuba the top part of each barrel was drawn for extra finesse and clarity.