Spanish Wine Exclusives

Spanish Wine Exclusives

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I Think - Equipo

“I Think” Manzanilla is a limited production, fresh and complex, dry, pale golden white, and a singular example of one of wine’s most distinctive and greatest regions, Sherry (DOCs Jerez-Xérès-Sherry and Manzanilla de Sanlúcar de Barrameda). It was carefully selected for bottling by Equipo Navazos, the team that produces the very highly praised and beloved series of single lot Sherry rarities known as La Bota, along with small range of other special projects.
For “I Think” Equipo Navazos was able to identify a small number of exceptional barrels that fit somewhere between larger run commercial production Manzanillas and the aged eccentricity of La Bota. These barrels offered both “en rama” (raw from the barrel) freshness and vigor and when blended seamless complexity, balance and length on the palate. This barrel selection became “I Think”, and is now drawn ( a “saca” in Sherry terms) from barrel periodically, and continues to evolve beautifully in the bottle, when well stored.
The name “I Think” is an homage to Charles Darwin as a symbol of the triumph of reason. It raises the question of what is true and untamed Manzanilla. In this case it is, we think. While the “in the raw” nature of I Think is part of its intrinsic appeal, it will mature slowly like other fine wines when properly stored (in cool temperature controlled conditions), trading part of its freshness for elegant complexity; and evolve more toward the character of its La Bota brethren.
This complex and refreshing Sherry “en rama” (in the raw) is bone dry and was drawn from cask in April 2014. It’s a clear golden straw color. Fresher than the February 2013 saca, it will continue to develop in complexity and body. The nose is fragrant with scents of honey, beeswax, white flower and salty almond. As it opens in the glass hints of green apple and buttery dough. The attack is crisp, tangy and vibrant on the palate with underlying yeasty, honeyed richness. It envelopes the palate with chalk and lime pith notes. The mouthfeel is smooth and bright, flowing into refined finish with lingering hints of nut and brine. Beautifully balanced and the essence of Manzanilla. Or so we think.