Spanish Wine Exclusives

Spanish Wine Exclusives

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La Rioja

The story of SWE and their Rioja label Los Autores is an unusual one, in that it starts as a series of limited run, special bottlings created by master winemakers.

We accepted the challenge with enthusiasm and the sincere hope that our little grain of sand will contribute to the wider knowledge (and hence appreciation) of traditional Rioja wines—and especially the fascinating fine wine art of winemaking vin de guard and the typicity of Rioja—by wine lovers all over the world.

Edition No.1, No.2 and No.3 were made by the late Ezequiel García, legendary winemaker at CVNE and founding winemaker at Olarra. He grew up in a small Rioja town immersed in his family’s winery. His renown grew from his deep knowledge of Rioja tradition, and his magical blending and barrel aging skills. Eventually he became known as “El Brujo de Rioja” or The Wizard of Rioja.

Is the type of Rioja we love to drink: subtle, supple and timeless.

Boutique wines: unique sensory experiences

What makes boutique wines so special is their focus on quality over quantity. These smaller wineries produce limited quantities of wine, allowing them to devote meticulous attention to each bottle. The vineyards are typically family-owned and focus on sustainable growing techniques and artisanal practices to create unique and distinctive wines.

Boutique wines also tend to reflect the character of the terroir from which they come, as many are made with hand-picked grapes from specific vineyards. This results in more authentic flavors and greater variety between different vintages. Boutique wineries usually focus on sustainability and practice organic or biodynamic methods in the vineyard, which also influences the uniqueness of their wines. By opting for boutique wines, lovers of good drinking have the opportunity to discover exclusive wine gems and surprise their palates with unique and unforgettable sensory experiences.