Spanish Wine Exclusives

Spanish Wine Exclusives

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La Rioja

Castillo de Viñas (Castle of Vines in English), is all about “Classic Rioja, Rich and Balanced”. It reflects the best of classic Rioja, with its harmony and elegance, and just enough of modern Rioja, with its rich fruit flavors for wine lovers to fully enjoy glass after glass. An even better than that, it does so at an affordable price – from a highly enjoyable Crianza, to a generous fruit-layered Reserva and a full-flavored Gran Reserva.

Rioja is Spain’s most legendary red wine region, and Castillo de Viñas follows right in that tradition. One of the secrets of Castillo de Viñas’s reds is the use of the Graciano grape in the blend, which adds freshness, depth on the mid-palate, and length on the finish. Additionally, to ensure consistent, high quality wines every year the following are employed: 1) exacting viticulture and optimal harvest times for both ripeness and freshness, 2) adjusting plot selection and the blend of grapes, and 3) using just the right amount of oak barrel aging for smoothness and balance. In short, Castillo de Viñas is a beautiful blend of classic and
modern, that make it top quality expression of Rioja, and at an affordable price.