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Our value wines offer an edge in quality at everyday prices, and come from renowned Spanish wine regions. We have created these wines to offer both true expression of place AND exceptional quality for the price. We have done exhaustive tastings and winery visits across Spain to ensure our wines deliver more for the price. They are wines for the casual to connoisseur wine lover looking for expressive “real wines” at entry level p

Our Boutique Wines are our most distinctive offerings. Personal stories take center stage with each of these small production, highly expressive wines. They are more than just pleasure on your palate or the fulfilllment of winemaking dreams. They also express different threads in Spanish wine culture today. Each adds an exciting, informative—and we think—important voice to the vanguard of today’s conversation about Spanish wine

In the case of our Rare Old Vintage discoveries, the personal stories are more about our own adventures finding caches of rare old wines in good condition. They are normally from private collections and may have been larger production wines when they were first released, but due to the scarcity of significantly aged wines in good condition–especially in quantities more than a bottle here or there–they have become rarities. These wines offer the silky complexity and chills wine collectors hope for when unearthing treasures