Made with the help of blind winemakers, the 2011 vintage of this rich, distinctive red blend is brightly fragrant, with scents of ripe blackberry, creamy raspberry and black pepper. The palate is structured, ripe, and well-balanced with good acidity. Black and red raspberry flavors coat the palate with notes of wild herb, stone, iron, black dirt, bacon fat and black pepper. The finish is round, pure, and long with blackberry and spice notes.
Serve with a rustic pork sausage spiced with pepper and fennel, grilled pork chops, game meats, roasts or steak au poivre.

Lazarus Wine is one of the most exciting and interesting winemaking projects we have encountered in Spain. It has pioneered a new winemaking method, Sensorial Winemaking, which incorporates the extraordinary sensitivity of blind people trained in winemaking. Their skills are employed across the production cycle, from in the vineyard, at harvest and throughout the elaboration process.

Each bottle reflects both the purity of aromatics and flavors the blind winemakers help bring to the finished wine and the winery’s unique terroir in Ribera del Gallego – Cinco Villas in the northeast of Spain. The vineyards are 500 meters above sea level with soil composed of large, round alluvial stones (like the galets of Châteauneuf-du-Pape) and calcareous clay, and are subject to a continental climate. The result is some of the most expressive Syrah, Merlot and Viognier made in Spain today.

The Braille on the award winning wrap-around label reads: “The blind, thanks a high sensitivity of taste and smell, are able to achieve very precise sensory abilities. They are able to detect deviations during the wine elaboration process, anticipating potential problems, allowing time to correct them in order to ensure richer aromatics and structures reach the mouth.”
Click Here for more on the label design by Baud of Madrid (in Spanish).

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Technical Information

Press Ratings:

Region: Aragón

Appellation: Ribera del Gallego - Cinco Villas VT

Blend: 50% Syrah, 50% Merlot

Aging Level: -

Style: -

Color: Red

Sparkle: Still

Sweetness: Dry

Fortification: Unfortified

Elaboration Details:
Malolactic fermentation in a mix of 2–4 year old American and French oak barrels; 3–4 additional months in barrel.

SWE Portfolio: Boutique Wine

Suggested Retail Price (SRP): $30