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About Us

Spanish-Wine-Exclusives is all about finding very special, low production wines and bringing them to wine lovers in America. We have immersed ourselves in the world of Spanish wine for more than 15 years. Our passion has led us from the great classics to the on-going explosion of new and exciting wines emerging from across Spain in the last 20 years. Spain has been swept up in a wine revolution and become a hotbed of innovation, discovery and quite frankly a lot of fascinating and delicious wine.

Bottle top from Basilio Izquierdo's Bodegas Aguila Real Sadly, too many great wines have simply not made it to our shores. Mostly because they are too small in production, relatively unknown or lack the critical fanfare needed for traditional importers to take a chance on them—especially considering how high prices can get by the time wines like these reach your local merchants' shelves or restaurants' lists. Some have made it to the US through the hard work and excellent palates of enterprising boutique importers. But many outstanding wines languish, even in Spain, as wine consumers there tend to be less adventurous than here in the US.

Each winery we work with offers excellent quality and has its own story, personalities, passions, vineyards, techniques, and motivations behind it. We bring their stories and their wines to you. Not only are we constantly searching for exciting new wines that meet our high standards, but we are also continually on the lookout for small caches of mature classics from top vintages. We stand behind each and every wine we offer.

Little gives us more pleasure than sharing our appreciation of these special wines with wine lovers who have not yet had a chance to discover their secrets. Being able to do so at prices lower than typically offered at US retail makes it even more enjoyable. Salud!

How do we keep our prices so low for high-quality imported wines?
Although we operate within the three tier system, we are able to collapse some of the costs that normally inflate the price of imported wines. Because we primarily focus our efforts on a limited number of very special retail merchants, we do not have to pay for an elaborate sales network or extensive sample allocations stretching across both the importer and distributor channels to sell our wines.

Instead, our wines go efficiently through the three tier system straightaway to our merchants without the extra overhead. The result is our wines are typically around 20% lower priced than wines of the same cost when distributed in a more conventional manner.

Another benefit is that because our distribution route is relatively short, we are better able to control temperature and wine condition. Starting with refrigerated trucks en route to port, our wines have fewer stops than usual along the way to get into trouble. There is minimal movement between winery and wine shop, and no shifting from warehouse to warehouse across the country.

An added bonus is that because our featured merchants work closely with us, they really know and understand our wines. Their staff is your personal connection to the wines and wineries and we look forward to conveying your comments and interests directly to the wineries we work with. Few wine merchants can offer such a direct link between winery and wine lover.

María Alvarez
Justin Berlin
Justin Berlin
Who We Are
Spanish-Wine-Exclusives is the creation of María Alvarez and Justin Berlin, both veterans of the Spanish wine trade, It grew out of our love for the ever expanding world of Spanish wine and our desire to see the many wonderful wines that formerly did not make it to the US finally reach US wine lovers.

María is the Spanish half of Spanish-Wine-Exclusives and lives in La Rioja. Her many years of experience managing Spanish fine wine exports combined with her extensive network of winery and winemaker connections across Spain are critical to finding great new wineries and discoveries and also working out the logistics to get them here to the US.

Justin heads up the American half of Spanish-Wine-Exclusives and lives in New York City. His years of experience were first as a Spanish wine collector and eventually as the marketing director and then head wine buyer at a major US retailer of Spanish wine. His incisive knowledge of the Spanish wine scene is critical to making sure our selections stand out for their quality and also that their stories reach both consumer and trade enthusiasts eager for these special wines.

Our Featured Merchants

East Coast:

  Despaña Vinos y Mas
Flatiron - Wines & Spirits
Vintry Fine Wines
K&L Wine Merchants

Despaña Vinos y Mas, a compact but well stocked Spanish wine shop in New York City's fashionable Soho district that offers over 450 of Spain's best wines. Their next door gourmet shop and cafe showcases high quality food products from Spain, and together they open a delicious window on Spanish food and wine culture in lower Manhattan.

Flatiron — Wines & Spirits, Tradition and terroir in the heart of Manhattan.
Our mission is to enrich the wine lives of our customers by providing a new and diverse source of artisanal wines at a convenient location in the heart of Manhattan–steps from the Union Square Green Market and Eataly. Our pricing is fair, our service is excellent, and our passion for wine is intense!

Vintry Fine Wines, owned and run by true wine lovers, Vintry Fine Wines offers over 2,500 hand-picked bottles of both new and rare wines from all regions and within all price ranges. Stop by our location in downtown Manhattan and our friendly staff will recommend the perfect bottle for any occasion.

West Coast:

K&L Wine Merchants, since 1976 has been proud to offer the world's finest wines, great service and competitive prices. They offer thousands of wines on their website with inventory updates happening in real time. In addition they operate three retail stores, in San Francisco, Redwood City and Hollywood, California.

The Breslin Bar and Dining Room
Casa Mono
Despaña Tapas Cafe
Hearth Restaurant
Terroir Wine Bar
Tía Pol Restaurant

Our New York Restaurant Supporters

The Breslin Bar and Dining Room, a gastropub that is the joint project of restaurateur Ken Friedman and chef April Bloomfield. The Breslin offers stellar Anglophile fare that has garnered the coveted Michelin star since 2011.

Casa Mono, located just east of Union Square, features raciones of Catalan specialties and serves dishes from all corners of the Iberian Peninsula. Casa Mono was awarded two stars from The New York Times shortly after its opening and a Michelin Star in 2009.

Despaña Tapas Café is located in lower Manhattan on the border of SoHo and Little Italy within their gourmet Spanish food shop. They believe the essence of wonderful tasting foods is in great part a reflection of the quality of the main ingredients used in preparations. Stop by for a tasty bocadillo, a warm caldo gallego and more while you browse the many delicacies they have on offer.

Hearth Restaurant, located in Manhattan's east village, is the collaboration of Marco Canora, Executive Chef, and Paul Grieco, General Manager and nationally acclaimed sommelier. The focus at Restaurant Hearth is on superior ingredients prepared with subtle complexity, but without the pretense typically associated with such a culinary experience.

Terroir Wine Bar, with multiple locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, offers a wine program that has no equal in terms of size and eclecticism. Terroir Wine Bar serves food that was designed to stand on its own, but streamlined to not get in the way of the aggressive wine list. Spanish Wine Exclusives' "I Think" Manzanilla is featured in four of Terroir's locations - Terroir E.Vil, Terroir Tribeca, Terroir Murray Hill, and Terroir Park Slope.

Tía Pol, an authentic tapas restaurant in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Tía Pol serves food from the richly varied regional cuisines of Spain from Galicia to Andalucía, the Basque Country to Cataluña, and offers an all-Spanish wine list as diverse as Spain's viticultural heritage.

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