About Us

Spanish Wine Exclusives is an international fine wine group that produces, owns and exports Spanish wines all over the world. We have been championing diverse and authentic Spanish terroirs since 2010. Our mission began finding passionate winemakers who were creating exciting, low production Boutique Wines, and has expanded to include finding prized Rare Old Vintage Wines in excellent condition, and producing Value Wines that offer an edge in quality at everyday prices.

All our efforts revolve around four guiding principles:

  1. SIMPLE AND COST-EFFECTIVE direct Spanish wine sourcing, shipping & invoicing, marketing and customer service, optimizing our customers’ operations and building long lasting “win-win” relationships. Offering over 60 wines from all over Spain on mixed pallets.
  2. AUTHENTIC TERROIRS AND WINES made from HIGH QUALITY LOCAL GRAPES, whether the core appeal of each is its value for the price, the passion of its creators or its rarity.
  3. DIVERSITY: 12+ different DO’s throughout Spain—from value to boutique to rare collector wines; spanning from innovative to traditional and from new and unknown to classic.
  4. DEVOTION TO SPANISH WINE CULTURE: To know and understand the passion and excitement of the Spanish wine scene so our customers will too.

The Company

SWE is a young but deeply experienced, dynamic and fast-growing company. We offer unparalleled commitment to quality in the areas that matter the most: a compelling, high quality portfolio, exceptional people and outstanding service.

We are comprised of two sides. Grupo Spanish Wine Exclusives – Bodegas y Viñedos is our Spain-based exporting, producing, and brand ownership arm. And Spanish Wine Exclusives is our marketing arm, which operates in Asia, Europe and the United States, and also imports into the USA.

We have offices in Tokyo, La Rioja and New York to promote & support our brands. Our efficient stock tracking system enables us to deliver exactly the wines you need, when you need them. We have strong relations with key international transport and logistics companies to ensure that all the details are taken care of from winery to your warehouse door.

Who We Are

On a personal level, company founders María Alvarez and Justin Berlin have been immersing ourselves in the world of fine Spanish wine for more than 20 years. Our entire team has a passion for the wines of Spain.

María Alvarez Co-Founder, European Office, malvarez@spanish-wine-exclusives.com
María Alvarez, Co-Founder, Spanish Wine ExclusviesMaría is based in La Rioja, Spain. She oversees exports to International and European markets along with our relationships with our wineries. Her many years of experience managing Spanish fine wine exports combined with her extensive network of winery and winemaker connections across Spain are critical to both producing great wines and discovering up and coming wineries, and to working out the logistics to get our wines from Spain to markets across the world.

Justin Berlin, Co-Founder, USA Office, jberlin@spanish-wine-exclusives.com
Justin Berlin, Co-Founder, Spanish Wine ExclusivesJustin is based in New York City. He oversees US distribution and our marketing efforts. His years of experience were first as a Spanish wine collector and eventually as the marketing director and then Executive Wine Director at a major US wine retailer, followed by work on the US import and distribution side. His knowledge of the US fine wine market and the Spanish wine scene are critical to making sure our selections stand out for their quality and value, and also that their stories reach both our trade partners and consumers.

Satoshi Tsuneda Marketing Manager – Asia, Asian Office, stsuneda@spanish-wine-exclusives.com
Satoshi Tsuneda, Marketing Manager – Asia, Spanish Wine ExclusivesSatoshi is based in Tokyo. He provides marketing and customer support to our clients in Asian markets. He has years of experience both as a Sommelier in Spanish, French and Italian restaurants—in Japan and in Spain—and as manager and Spanish wine specialist at a wine shop in the center of Tokyo, focused on Spanish wine. His experience includes having lived in Spain where he spent significant time visiting wineries and meeting winemakers. As an educator, he teaches about Spanish wine and culture in Japan and organizes Spain themed events.

FOR TRADE INQUIRIES contact us directly at one of the email addresses above, or for additional trade specific information and our direct phone lines register for our private area.

FOR CONSUMERS INTERESTED IN OUR WINES: visit our Find Our Wines page for where to find our wines, visit our Wines page for information about specific wines or contact us directly at info@spanish-wine-exclusives.com.

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